What is "The Sounds Of Music"?

Our Mission.

The Sounds Of Music mission is to provide convenient and affordable after school enrichment programming in the form of small group music instruction to elementary students on site, immediately after school. We strive to stimulate and enhance intellectual development, provide opportunities for performances and instill a permanent understanding and appreciation for music. Ultimately our goal is to offer a creative experience that will inspire youth with a lifelong love of music.

Our Music Program.

The Sounds Of Music provides highly skilled instructors who deliver music instruction in a fun and relaxed environment. Our cost is a fraction of the expensive private lesson making it affordable for families. Our on site instruction immediately after school makes it convenient for parents. Our curriculum blends classical instruction that encompasses a broad musical selection ranging from traditional to contemporary. Students have the opportunity to participate in at least one performance per year. We provide everything: Experienced and certified teachers, the convenience on site instruction, affordable lessons and a superior curriculum that teaches students to read and play music on their instrument of choice.

The Sounds Of Music prides itself on the effectiveness of a innovative curriculum and teaching methodology that incorporates ear training, improvisation, sight reading, rhythm and syncopation as well  instrument technique.   Our interactive and multisensory lesson plans help students to have fun in a relaxed and user friendly environment.  This also allows our expert and enthusiastic instructors to deliver novel and engaging lesson plans that motivate and encourage student participation.  We also offer an online student portal on our TSOM website that is designed for home practice and to reinforce weekly lessons in an enjoyable format.  Students can master basic concepts while learning how to play songs without struggle.  We strive to create a nurturing environment that honors the creative potential inherent in each student and helps to build a sense of empowerment.  Our multifaceted approach makes learning an exciting and pleasurable experience that will facilitate a lifelong understanding, appreciation and love of music.


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